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It's time to make a plan.

Lets make a big difference to your child's anxiety, behavioural, digestive and sensory issues. Naturally.


Food restrictions,


Focus issues


Sleep issues.

These are all complex issues, but Nutritional Medicine gets to the bottom of them and helps you make long lasting change. Many of my patients experience all of the above.

I am an advocate for Neurodivergent children and have devoted my career to unravelling the mysteries of ASD, ADHD, SPD, OCD and ODD.

 Equal to this, I have been in the shoes of many of you.

I know how it feels to lie awake at night, searching the internet for answers and feeling desperate for a breakthrough for my child.

 Benefit from my 20 years of experience, working in homes, Early Childhood, Sleep and special needs background.

  Book your free 20 minute chat now to talk about your child.  Even if it is just to get some quick answers from someone willing to give them.

Ask about NDIS funding, Private Health Cover or even Afterpay too.


"My son was like a different child, no longer as irritable, highly anxious or down, generally happier and able to cope better with situations. Not only did his anxiety reduce but his reading and performance at school also increased dramatically, almost at exactly the same time. I am very grateful to Clare for her guidance and support. The simple change to my son’s diet has changed not only his life but the rest of the family's". Vanessa.

Early Childhood Nutrition and Behaviour expert, Clare Marcangelo has qualifications in Nutritional Medicine, early childhood, sleep and behaviour and also special needs.

She has over 20 years of experience in these fields so she knows the importance of making a plan that meets your child where they are currently at, and not overwhelming an already overwhelmed household.

Her system may involve any or all of the following-

  • Taking a full history of your child, and everything they are experiencing

  • Diet analysis

  • Full emailed treatment "roadmap" plan, outlining your child's drivers, explanations and exactly what can be done step by step to improve all their outcomes. Because you are their advocate, and deserve to be an expert in  the process.

  • Their treatment may include recipes, a new menu plan, guidelines, a shopping list for the best foods (and which supermarket has them), sleep and behaviour plans.

  • Ongoing email and phone support

  • Testing (where we agree it is needed)

  • Pathology analysisConsultations may be covered by Private Health Insurance and NDIS funding, dependent on your level, so many parents use this free chat time to inquire about this.










A word from Clare...

No matter what you've been through, read or been told, there is always more we can do to improve the happiness of your child.

 I am a mum of 3 children and I have personally experienced years of worrying that my child will never be able to fit in, to concentrate or thrive, and I tormented myself wondering what tomorrow may bring for him.

Nutrition therapy changed everything for my son, and so many others that I have helped over the years.

If your child is struggling with anxiety, sensory, concentration, behaviour or even digestive issues, please do contact me for a chat.

"Within 1 week of our initial consultation there was an incredible change in my son's behaviour. His daycare teachers asked me what I had been doing as he was such a changed boy." Nicole

"What a difference this has made for our son. Addressing his diet and gut issues was such a key to him being happier and more settled". Kate

Child looking at cake on plate.webp

"In our first visit Clare explained that our goal would not be to remove lots of foods from my son's diet. She gave me practical solutions and not only do I feel confident in what works, his skin and behaviour are both so much better!" Kristen

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