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The Children's Nutritionist

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After a career in Early Childhood, working with Special Needs children and families needing behavioural and sleep support, I was blessed with my own 3 children!

  Our journey, like many others, was not a smooth one. When my son began struggling with anxiety, behaviour and attention issues, I looked to Nutritional science for answers. After we found amazing success, I studied Nutritional Medicine so I could become a Nutritionist and help others piece together their own unique health journey. If you'd like to hear more about our story- go to the blog

Using diet and biomedical approaches, my clients and I work together to design a simple treatment plan to suit their life. Everyone is so different so I've found a combination of being available online, and offering home visits helps to make family's health journeys easier. In addition, lots of continuing support is key to success!

I seem to have devoted my life to helping families in one way or another, working as a trained Special Needs co-ordinator, a Sleep and behavioural consultant and teaching early childhood when I was very, very young!

Living in the UK gave me the amazing opportunity to help families as a Special Needs coordinator, and then go on to work in homes both in the UK and later here on the Central Coast as a consultant for sleep and behavioural issues.

For many years I was able to help families implement plans to improve sleep routines and behaviour for happy, healthy children. For this reason, we often fit these elements into our treatment plans alongside nutrition.​​​

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Would you like to help your child improve their anxiety, behavioral or sensory
issues naturally?

Would you love an easy to follow plan to help your child eat new foods every day?

Book your  free 20 minute online consultation and find out how

Nutrition therapy can help your child, what may be driving their

issues and what you can do right now. Click below for your spot.

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Book your free 20 minute online consult.

Would you like to find out exactly how Nutrition therapy can help?

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1-hour consultation

In clinic, home visit or Zoom consultation

1 hr


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Follow up consultation

Currently conducted conveniently over zoom as Telehealth.

30 minutes


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Family home visit

Family home visits an easy-to-follow plan including my tips children to eat.

1.5 hr


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Welcome To Clare Marcangelo

As a mum myself I know what it's like to desperately want your child to just be happy, and have no idea how who or what is best to help them when their issues seem to be holding them back.

Choose from home visits on the NSW Central Coast, Sydney, or online.

Specializing in gut health for:


  • Anxiety

  • digestive and feeding issues

  • allergies/intolerances

  • Children's learning, development, and behavioral issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD.

  • Parents with low energy/mood, sleep issues.

  • Early Intervention really is key, so whether it's a tiny thing or a big thing, book your appointment now!


Restricted Eating

There are so many variations of restricted eating issues. You may be struggling to get your child to eat any vegetables, or they may leave out all meat except for sausages!

 They may have a more serious issue, only eating certain colours, flavours or textures, or may even be restricted to only one or two foods.

I know how challenging and stressful this can be, not just for a parent but for the whole family.

Over the years have found strategies that work to not only see children expand their dietary repertoire, but break the cycle of fear around food, replacing it with confidence and fun.

 The key is- every child is different. A strategy only works if it takes it to account all the aspects of the child, how they feel, what they are reacting at meal times and what may have happened to get them to this point.

 My specifically tailored plans are always different, and always step by step so parents feel they have a real plan.

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Helping your child Thrive

Does your child have trouble regulating their emotions? Do they need some support for focus/concentration in the classroom, anxiety or frequent outbursts/meltdowns?

Whether your child’s issues are small or large, Nutritional therapy can make an enormous impact. Removing potential hidden triggers, supporting Neurotransmitters and improving gut health not only can help your child feel calmer, more focused and less anxious, but it can also unblock barriers to see other therapies succeed.

Using over 20 years of working with Neurotypical and Neurodiverse children, I work with families to make plans that help their child thrive, without overwhelming an often already stressed household.

Happy kids
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“What other parents are saying”



My son was like a different child, no longer as irritable, highly anxious or down, generally happier, and able to cope better with situations. Not only did his anxiety reduce but his reading and performance at school also increased dramatically, almost at exactly the same time. I am very grateful to Clare for her guidance and support."


"After only 3 weeks of putting in practice what Clare had advised us my husband and I saw big changes in our son's behavior. He was more confident, less anxious, and able to focus and follow directions more easily, I have noticed my children enjoy the food tastings and become more involved with healthy choices. In addition to exercising, my children are now reading labels on the back of foods.” Charlene


The majority of appointments are conducted online via Zoom for convenience meaning I see patients Australia wide and also U.K. 
For patients wanting face to face my clinic is open Tuesday-Friday by appointment covid-19 safety measures are in place.

Clare Marcangelo

Registered Nutritionist

0404 795 677

Central Coast, NSW, Australia

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