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Which diet is best for total health?

I wanted to write about this topic, because I feel like we're constantly inundated with "expert" dietary advice, each message contradicting the last.

If you want to be thin, have energy, and live a long life, you really need to completely cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, meat,all animal products, soy, corn, anything with too much saturated fat, anything low fat, nuts, legumes, anything with high oxalates (so green leafy vege), only have a tiny bit of protein but don't forget to put protein powder in EVERYTHING and add leafy greens...?? eat small meals every 2 hours whilst ensuring you fast for long periods daily and oh, whatever you do, don't EVER EAT ANY CARBS!!!!!

So, this leaves you with, ........water???? Yes I'm pretty sure water is still a safe bet.

SIGH. So, in all seriousness, how do we navigate through all this and decide what to eat?

My advice is always, do your research, and try things that sound like they might work for your body. In addition, try these tips:

1. Don't take anything as Gospel. Your hairdresser might feel amazing since she started intermittent fasting, but no two metabolisms are the same, so if it leaves you dizzy and nauseous, that's ok, its not going to work for you. In addition, remember that most "articles" on the net about diets or super-foods are geared one way, so their accuracy cannot be counted on!

2. There really isn't a perfect cure all diet. The reason most of these diets yield such wonderful results initially is that they take a load off the body and give it a chance to reset. They may not, however, be suitable long term. This is the reason diets like raw juicing or Paleo really do have a place the health community, but going long term, we tend to adapt them to a more sustainable diet.

3. When in doubt, seek some professional help. Best not to go it alone. Going vegetarian can lead to severe deficiencies if animal protein is not replaced with sufficient nutrients. Someone with unknown oxalates issues glugging green smoothies every day is probably going to wonder why they are so tired...

Oh, and a vegetables are a source of carbohydrates. And the only food NOBODY can argue the importance of is vegetables. So the myth of the "carb-free" utopian diet is one less ting you need to worry about.

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