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The Beauty of Bone Broth

So, we've all heard about the merit of using bone broth in our every day life, it's definitely not just for hipsters, but good and easy for everyone. But what is it??

Well, I wish it didn't have such a fancy name, as this puts many off making it or even trying it. It's bones. Made into a broth. While you do nothing.

But this doesn't make it any less magical. It's nutritional properties are impressive. The reason many cultures have been known to use soup to aid immune systems during illness is many factors including super immune boosting fat palmitoleic acid, contained in the fat of the chicken. A word of caution though, one of the reasons we suggest good quality (organic if possible) meats to be used in bone broth is the fact that we, as animals tend to store toxins in our fat. So, eat the fat of a healthy animal- oh yeah!! Eat the fat of a chemically laden, processed, never actually seen grass before animal- poison!!

Bone broth is a very rich source of many bio-available minerals and also contains other nutrients which repair the gut, like Gelatine, incredibly effective at healing and sealing the gut lining. Gelatine is what makes the broth look like jelly, because that's how jelly is made! It also contains collagen, which comes from the joints of said animal. This helps to maintain and promote joint function and repair in humans. A lovely addition to this, B.B is a great part of a beauty regime! Why buy expensive collagen powders or products if you can up the anti from within, for free!! For those of us with with digestive issues, mood disorders, auto-immune disease.. the list is endless.. Bone broth is one of my favourite go to's as its cheap, easy and has worked for humans for thousands of years.

How to make it

Either buy a big bag of bones or use the ones from last nights dinner, throw them in a pot or slow cooker, along with vegetable scraps from last night's dinner- carrot ends, onion ends, celery ends, a bay leaf and some salt and pepper. Fill with filtered water and cook on low for up to 24 hours, covered. Longer cooking should be done in a slow cooker so that houses don't get burnt down. *If someone in your family has issues with high amine foods, remove their portion after 2 hours and look to build up time in the future.

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