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How did we get here?

Like many people, I don't feel like I chose my field of work, it chose me. Something I learnt whilst studying was, that the passion for Nutrition is more often than not, borne out of experience or necessity. My story was no exception!

I studied and worked with children immediately out of high school, I really felt I didn't fit anywhere else, and working with children made me so happy. I was a teacher, a nanny and eventually a sleep and behaviour consultant. What I learnt as my career grew was, I was even happier helping families and children overcome all different obstacles. I loved to help. I made very little money but seeing a child with special needs in the classroom master a new skill, or helping a family teach their child to sleep through the night was the best feeling I could imagine. Later in life, when I learnt first hand what "sleepless nights" really felt like, (thanks kids) I felt especially good about that last one.

When my son displayed more and more signs that he wasn't coping in school, and he didn't seem to "fit" any diagnosis, I did what many mothers do, and became a self-made expert!

I found that diet was a big trigger for him, but I wasn't happy to settle there. His anxiety and inability to cope in the classroom needed much further investigation. So I fell headfirst into the world of Biomedical intervention. We had so much success with this that I eventually felt compelled to help other mums with the same. I know what it feels like to have this enormous task, with so many factors, and not know where to start. You feel desperate and sometimes useless, especially when conventional methods don't fit your child or just lead to more heartache. So I looked into who could treat families like mine, becoming a Biomedical doctor seemed like a stretch, but studying Nutritional Medicine felt right.

So without my son's struggles I wouldn't have found myself here, and so far, here is a pretty great place. #ourstory #sensorykids

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