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Gut Healing for Families

3 Weeks mapped out to kick start your child's gut healing.

Make this the fresh start your family has needed.

April 9th 2022 -April 30th 2023

Hurry! Secure your spot from just $37 a week 

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  • Why gut healing matters

  • What exactly is the gut-brain connection?

  • How does the gut drive emotions, focus, behaviour, fussy eating, toileting issues and chronic illness.

  • How can we adapt gut healing principles to suit fussy eaters

  • What are the best gut -friendly foods

  • Hacks for making gut friendly eating cheaper and simpler

  • How can we make small changes to our family diet for long term gut health.

What will you learn?

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Image by Daniel Öberg
Image by Daniel Öberg

What will you get?

  •  1 mini one on one catch up with me via Zoom, to help tailor your plan to suit you, with foods that may actually get eaten!

  • All learning to make you an expert (this will be straightforward and super quick to read)

  • A week by week easy to follow guide

  •  Recipes

  • Shopping lists 

  • Video tutorials and even physical strategies kids can use daily for healing their own gut.

  • Closed facebook group for support and fun!

  • How to transition into school/preschool foods- by this stage the gut should be well on its way to healing so we transition into clean as possible but just "everyday" foods.

Secure your place now as this intake is capped at 10 people.

Choose from 3 payments of $43.30 a week ($130 total)

or discounted rate of just $37 a week when you pay upfront ($111).

Child Model

Why work with


Experience matters.

Benefit from over 20 years of working with children and families, as a nanny, a pre-school educator, a university trained Nutritionist and a mum. I know how difficult change can be for your child, and for you. So I have designed this program to work for you, giving you the power to make changes that suit your family.

Everything originates in the gut.

No matter what issue your child has, improving their gut health can benefit it.

Start to see long-term change now.

"My daughter's meltdowns happen far less now, and she is able to calm down much quicker, thankyou Clare" Kristy

"With Clare's help we have gone from gross, watery poos to solid toileting every day. So very grateful" Candice

"Clare gave me practical solutions, and not only do I feel confident in what works, his skin and behaviour are so much better! " Kristen

See your child's health improve or your money back.

Limited spaces left so secure your space below..

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